Pandora's Key

About Pandora’s Key

Pandoras key

Pandora’s Key, a Symphonic metal band from The Netherlands takes you on a journey into ancient history, yourself and indefinite time. Who doesn’t know Pandora’s Box? But the REAL story behind it, the one about something greater than the box, is one seldom told. Until now.

Enter the realm of the key. With only three gigs on their track record they made it to the semi-finals of the FemME-battles. January 20127 the band released its first EP: Prometheus Promise and will be performing at different venues and festivals.

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Pandora’s Key are:

Maaike Rijk– Vocals

Sebastiaan Pongers – Gitaar & backing vocals/grunts

Regine Lotstra – Bass

Desmond Robberegt – Keys

Patrick Sacre – Drums