Pandora's Key

About us

Pandora’s Key, a band formed in 2016, brings music that is both melodic and heavy. It’s hard to put one specific label on it, but in general it seems to match the symphonic metal genre. At the end of 2016, the band launched the EP ‘Prometheus Promise’, which was well-received both national as international.

Pandora’s Key is a storyteller of mythes and legends from different cultures and times. Let the band take you on an adventure with their melodic sounds, their heroic tales following gods, mortals and everything in between.

2018 seems to be a very impactful year for the band, including a lot of new faces. With the return of violin plater and composer Rowan Schuddeboom (Rhovanion, Pyrates, Sneeuwstorm Ensemble) and the joining of the new members, vocalist Kelly Thans, guitar player Bram Luiken and drummer Dimmy Marcelissen (TerraDown), has the band a lot of potential to grow and develop in different directions.

The band has set a few pretty ambitions goals for itself.  Behind the scenes the members are working on new material. Apart from that, the band hopes to be able to share their skills and creations with a big audience by performing and launching new material.

Current Line-up:

Kelly Thans – Vocals

Sebastiaan Pongers – Guitar & backing vocals

Bram Luiken – Guitar

Rowan Schuddeboom- Violin

Regine Lotstra – Bass

Dimmy Marcelissen- Drums