Pandora's Key

Prometheus Promise

Finally it’s here, our debut EP: Prometheus Promise.

The story of this EP starts in the year 1453, Constantinopel. The great battle that took place there is in history known as the end of the Middle Ages. In a 20 minute Epos we take you to a world of hatred, riot, loss, but also hope and love.

Waalwijk 2016, winter.

5 musicians fantasize about getting their music out in the open, for everyone to enjoy. This is the story about how we were able to produce our debut: a 20 minute, 4 track EP. It all started with the change of location where we rehearse, from Breda, where we didn’t have the certainty of regular practise, to de Mads in Waalwijk. After a few weeks we found that 4 songs were ready for recording, but we had no budget.

Luckaly Desmond works as a free lance sound engineer for de Mads and HPS and he could use some of their equipment to start the instrument recording sessions in our rehearsal studio. We recorded the vocals partially here as well, backings and the storyteller were recorded at Maaike’s residence in her living room, using her company’s vocal mics.

Finally all recordings were done in July 2016 and the mixing process could start. Desmond locked himself up in his basement studio for a few weeks for the editting and mixing. In December 2016 the EP was mixed by Indieplant and released at 30 December 2016.

The EP contains the songs and is now available in our shop.

  1. Shattered
  2. Ephemeral Ethernity
  3. Prometheus Promise
  4. Final Chapter